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Colorado Photography: Pushing the Medium
September 9th - December 4th 2005
Opening Friday, September 16th 6-10pm

Agi Kunz | David Sharpe | David Zimmer | Joe Clower | John Hallin Kevin O'Connell | Phil Bender | Laura Merage | Joel Haertling  Clare Charles Cornell | Teri O'Neill | Mindy Sink | Katie Taft | Rayna Tedford | Eric Havelock-Bailie | Michael Ensminger | Tia Faulk | Cheryl Bailey | Susan Vaho | Leah Gose | Kristen Hatgi  Richard Peterson | Shaun Gothwaite | Conor King | Dale Chisman Shannon Streeter

The Photograph as contemporary art.
We are now in a very interesting age with photography, at this turn of the century. I am presenting a sampling showing how the boundaries and artists use of photography are wider then ever before. This is an exploration of where the medium is at now as contemporary art. I selected artists that take risks, and show craft, a selection of work that speaks to you beyond a traditional pretty picture. It is work with a unique feel, a personal voice, and not work trying to obtain some ones else's accomplishments. I hope to generate a dialog with the viewers and artists to have a discussion "on photography", where are we now?  For those interested, a Salon gathering will be announced in October.