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Chasing the Sublime



Visual Artists + Choreographers
Chasing the Sublime
a shared experience in art
November 5-14- 2010
Three choreographers pair with three visual artists to apply their skills and imaginations in a pursuit of the horizon.

Chasing the Sublime is BNC's first co-production with Lakewood Cultural Center.

The project will open with a gallery exhibit at the Cultural Center, continue with a public discussion, and culminate with three world premiere ballets in November.



Lakewood Cultural Center
470 S. Allison Parkway, Lakewood, CO 80226

Friday, November 5 – 8pm
Saturday, November 6 – 8pm
Sunday, November 7 – 2pm

Performing Arts Complex at PCS
1001 W. 84th Avenue, Denver, CO 80260

Friday, November 12 – 8pmSaturday, November 13 – 8pmSunday, November 14 – 2pm

Visual Artists + Choreographers

Mark Sink +Kristen Hatgi + Alex Ketley

Laura Merage + Sarah Tallman

Mark Allen Henderson + Garrett Ammon







Denver photographer Mark Sink describes himself as a
“gushy romantic.” Every photograph in this survey,
whether it depicts Andy Warhol, Venice, clouds, or a still
life, demonstrates Sink’s obsession with capturing beauty.
Sink’s 35-year career includes experiments in photosilkscreen,
Polaroids, cyanotypes, silver prints, gravure,
collodion wet plate, and digital.

Admission to the gallery is free.
For information visit www.historycolorado.org/be
or call 303/620-4933.

September 3 through October 31, 2010
Opening reception during First Friday Art Walk on
September 3, 5–9 PM.

Mark Sink gallery lecture, Saturday, October 2, 11 AM.

Byers-Evans House Gallery
1310 Bannock Street

Denver, Colorado 80204





there are many pathways to the garden Photography/Sculpture

Opening and closing included dreamland tonal ambience by Roger Green, and a theme based poetry reading by Carson Reed.

Nine subversive photographic artists form this incarnation of Heads of Hydra, and each Head creates new work.

Hanging sculpture brought to the show by Randy Rushton ties together the work of the different artists

and carries the mysticism of ancient cedar and the eros of nature through the pathway into the garden.

The Heads of Hydra are:

David Zimmer
Cornelia Peterson
Mark Sink
Christopher R. Perez
Richard Peterson
John Babcock
Sabin Aell
Katie Taft
Norman Broomhall

May 28th, 2010

3254 Walnut St.
Denver CO, 80205






A Something Or Other That Has No Name In Any Language

Opening Third Friday, March 19th 2010, 6p–10p

Heads of Hydra, a photographers' collective. Curated by Richard Peterson.

Exhibition Dates: 5 March–30 April 2010

Opening Reception: Third Friday, 19 March 2010, 6p–10p
Closing Reception: Third Friday, 16 April 2010, 6p–10p

In pursuit of Unknown Pleasures,
Heads of Hydra is:

John Babcock
David Zimmer
Mark Sink
Cornelia Peterson
Sabin Aell
Richard Peterson
Carson Reed (writer)

...the sudden onset of vertigo in the midst of a dream...

Hours: Wednesday–Friday, 2–6 pm; Saturday, 1–4 pm (other days by appointment)
Also open on First and Third Fridays, 6–9 pm
960 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80204





MoP 2011


MOP - Month of Photography Denver is a celebration of fine art photography through over 80 collaborative public events throughout Denver and the region for the month of March 2011. We are joining multiple museums galleries and schools surrounding fine art photography creating an exciting artistic and educational event for the city of Denver and the region.

The RedLine art space will serve as the nerve center for the Month Photography, with exhibitions, lectures, workshops. For student and professional photographers there will be intensive portfolio reviews with galleries and museum directors, curators, photography collectors, teachers, critics, editors. Experts who can influence and advise on current marketing and offer image world knowledge.





Second Degree of Separation
An exhibition honoring artist connections
RedLine Community Space
March 1- 25, 2010
Opening reception, March 5th, 7-11 pm, with videos and performances starting at 7
Gallery hours: mon-fri, 9am-5pm, sat and sun: 11 am- 5 pm
2350 Arapahoe Street, Denver, Colorado 80205

Viviane Le Courtois - Heather Bussey Patterson - Meredith Nemirov
John Grant - Steve Altman - Shannon Kelly
Bob Koons - Ivy Walker - Deborah J. Haynes
Rupert Jenkins - Jessie Paige - Carol Golemboski
Terry Campbell - Chrissy Espinoza -Holly Johnson
Gretchen Shaefer- Eric Portis - Ryan McRyhew
Sterling Crispin- Liz Holloway - Adam Holloway
Conor King - Mia Semingson - Maria Lawson
Margaret Newman - Paul Gillis - Andy Libertone
Linda Campbell - Michael Gadlin - Homare Ikeda
Bruce Price - Michael Chavez - Matt Rich
Rori Knudtson - Matthew Jenkins - Phillip Faulkner
Mark Sink - Jason Appleton - Luzia Ornelas
Jeff Page - Katie Watson - Katie Taft
Jennifer Miller - Anne Thulson - Mark Penner Howell







    Featuring works by:

    Sabin Aell, Jason Appelton, Anne Arden McDonald, Cheryl Bailey, Eric Havelock Bailie, Mike Berg, Bryan Boettiger,

    David Brady, Don Carleno, Zabo Chabiland, Joe Clower, Clare Cornell, Scott Covert, Joel Dallenbach, Damaris Drummond,

    Michael Ensminger, Linda Elvira Piedra, Susan Evans, Radek Grosman, John Hallin, Allison Harvard, Kristen Hatgi,

    Brian Henderson, Susanne Junker, Wes Kennedy, Agnes Kunz, Lori Nix, Tamaki Obuchi, Jesus Polanco, Ron Pollard,

    Winter Prather, Mathew Rose, Mark Sink, Mindy Sink, Jeff Starr, Gary Sweeney, William Stockman,

    Katie Taft, Ruth Thorne Thomsen, Sylvie Tillmann, Harry Walters, Wesley Willis, David Zimmer 



    Illiterate media


    from my collection

    December 4th - January 22nd 2010

    Opening Friday December 4th 6pm


    Jason Appelton, Anne Arden McDonald, Cheryl Bailey,

    Mike Berg, Bryan Boettiger, David Brady, Don Carleno,

    Zabo Chabiland, Clare Cornell, Scott Covert, Joel Dallenbach, Michael Ensminger,

    Susan Evans, Radek Grosman, John Hallin, Allison Harvard, Kristen Hatgi, Susanne Junker,

    Wes Kennedy, Agnes Kunz, Lori Nix, Ron Pollard, Winter Prather, Mark Sink, Mindy Sink,

    Jeff Starr, William Stockman, Katie Taft, Ruth Thorne Thomsen,

    Sylvie Tillmann, Harry Walters, Wesley Willis, David Zimmer


    de·lir·i·um (n)

    1. A disordered state of the mental faculties resulting from disturbance of the functions of the brain,

    and characterized by incoherent speech, hallucinations, restlessness, and frenzied or maniacal excitement.

    2. fig. Uncontrollable excitement or emotion, as of a delirious person; frenzied rapture; wildly absurd thought or speech.

    "life creates itself in delirium and is undone in ennui."
    ~ Emile M. Cioran'


    Robin Rice Gallery

    Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi

    November 11th - December 20th 2009

    Opening November 11th 5:30 - 9:30p



    Mr. Pool







    June 5th - September 6th 2009





    Mark Sink and Kristen Hatgi

    Light and Time

    Wet Plate Collodion Photographs


    The Untold Story

    Andy Warhol Portraits by Mark Sink




    SEPTEMBER 24, 2008 - JANUARY 4, 2009

    Orientalist Photography is curated by Mark Sink for The Lab at Belmar.







    March 2008


    Month of Photography

    A - Z Event Listings and Information

    Society For Photographic Education

    National Conference Information

    Gallery Sink

    Young People With Cameras

    Lowry Elementary School project

    Shawg Ahmed, Makayla Vasquez, Marc Horowitz, Onesti Turner,
    Edmond Myers, Solwan Mohamed, Caleb Mekonnen
    Mariam Kyabou,Samuel Kahsay and many others.

    March 9 - March 31, 2008

    Opening Reception March 9, 3 - 6pm

    Gallery Sink Consulting
    Hours by appointment